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Welcome to Red Gate Boutique, an online fashion clothing store offering stunning looks for every occasion. I am Anghela, co-owner and founder and your online personal shopper. Of the many trendy clothing websites out there, Red Gate Boutique is special. Through my gift for styling and undivided devotion to creating a unique internet shopping experience, it is my desire to transform the confidence and wardrobes of every women one closet at a time.


My business philosophy brings the store experience of browsing clothing, shoes and accessories directly to you. I want my customers to kick back in their living rooms and bedrooms or over coffee with a friend and pour over your favorite styles and items using a click or a scroll. I personally work with designers one-on-one in selecting and photographing our ravishing exceptional pieces. Whether you want to dazzle on the dance floor, command elegance at work or capture that put-together casual look while running your everyday errands, our alluring styles and outfits will turn heads and stop traffic. Inspired by the hottest trends and my own personal style, I put together outfits that are guaranteed to standout and knockout without breaking the bank. We promise exceptional customer service and will donate 10% of our profit to local charities.


I am a proud mother of three, wife and entrepreneur. My husband Ilia is also my business partner, soul mate and all-around outstanding family guy. My journey to Red Gate started as a young girl. I had a passion for fashion and ambition of owning my own business. I developed an eye for style and mind for business by scouring good deals on fashion items on Craigslist, then reselling them with a slight markup. Growing up in a hardworking, close-knit immigrant family I have a strong back for hard work, a dedication to family-first and the honest belief that I can help others through my love of fashion.


The road I’ve taken was paved with financial and career challenges, personal family loss, and other sacrifices. There were certainly days when the kids were sick, my husband working ten hour days and I was managing mostly on my own, but I wouldn’t change a thing!  Each day, month and year I stepped closer to my dreams making the arrival of it that more delicious! Our big break came in 2016 when our home property value rose. Taking a huge leap of faith, we sold the dream house to help start the dream business. Although there are wonderful clothing stores in Seattle, Red Gate Boutique fashions online is allowing me to create a long-lasting family business, creating jobs, giving back, and above all else, guiding You to reveal your fabulous self!



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